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Begin your social media adventure now! The Professional Package gives you access to all the basic tools that SocialHub has to offer, equipping you with everything you need to be prepared for the digital world.


The inbox helps you to keep track of messages, comments and mentions from the different networks.



The SocialHub enables you and your team to work efficiently with external agencies and other departments.

Templates / FAQs

Save time and effort with the templates, which provides you with an efficient shortcut for responding to frequently asked questions.

Co working

Fast and efficient approval processes combined with the ability to leave internal comments make giving and receiving feedback easy.


Tailor the SocialHub to your team structure: customize user-specific authorization levels for teams and activities.

Approval processes

Minimize risks by implementing approval processes that validate content prior to publication.

Category tags

Optimize your ticket organization with tagging, facilitating the categorization and evaluation of tickets in the analytics section.

Mobile App

With the SocialHub Go app, you can access your inbox and respond to comments and messages while you're on the go.

Sentiment Tracking

Stay in tune with the sentiment of your community in real time and enhance your customer service.

Post-based inbox

Get even more clarity – in the post-based inbox, comments are sorted according to the associated posts.

Switch Reply Channel

If you have multiple Twitter channels, you can choose which account to reply to a tweet from.

Custom Channel API

Allows the integration of channels that the SocialHub does not yet support natively.

Smart Inbox

Smart Rules

Revolutionize your ticket management with Smart Rules! Automate routine actions and create rules to stay organized and in control.


Create lists with specific users, set rules and actions, and automate your workflow by letting the SocialHub respond to requests at lightning speed.

Pausing tickets

Remove tickets from your inbox for a specific period of time. Don't worry, they'll reappear after a set amount of time.

Forced Categories

Make sure all tickets are tagged with at least one category before archiving.


One category is not enough? Don't worry, this feature allows you to assign multiple category tags at the same time.

Inbox Alerts

Receive alerts as soon as a certain number of tickets arrive in your inbox in a certain time.

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Content Planner

Plan and publish your posts on different channels with the SocialHub Content Planner.


Link Shortener

Too long links in the post? Don't worry, the SocialHub shortens them for you with just one click.

Content Preview

Preview your prepared postings the same as your audience will see them on the platforms. This allows you to perfectionate your content for each network.

Approval processes

Lower risks – with approval processes you can ensure that content has been checked before publication.

Posting Groups

Create up to 50 posts per post group and get a better overview of your planned or published content.

Content Tags

Content tags are small but powerful keywords that help categorize posts and match content to campaigns.


Crop pictures, rotate them, give them a cool filter, edit colors and add special highlights with text.

Media Library

Easily share images, videos and other files with your team and create folders to organize your images and videos by topic.

Facebook Ads

Reach your target group despite declining organic reach by also displaying planned content as advertisements.

10GB+ Media library

Use the additional storage space of over 10GB in the media library for your files and have them at hand at all times.

Email Approval Process

Cooperate more flexibly and allow post approvals by non-SocialHub users via the email approval process.

Social Listening & Monitoring

Monitoring 1 search incl. 1,000 results/month

People are talking about you on the internet – get tickets even if you weren't directly tagged.

Monitoring 5 searches incl. 10,000 results/month

Additional Networks

Expand your social listening and add additional channels such as blogs, forums and news sites to your monitoring.


With this dashboard, you can immediately see how your social media successes have developed over time. Widgets e.g. for reach, engagement, best and worst performer will help you to identify your results.


Fan information

Any questions about your fan base? With this dashboard you immediately get all important information like the total number of your fans, the growth rate, online times and much more.

Performance of the posts

Keep an eye on the performance of your posts: Post metrics, engagement, paid and organic reach, link clicks and other relevant information await you.

Inbox Insights

Find out how many tickets your team processed, how quickly you respond to inquiries and get an overview of the most important information in your inbox.

Content Planner Tags

Receive all information about the posts that you have provided with the appropriate content tags.

Sentiment Tracking

How is the mood in your community right now? With the help of sentiment tracking, you can keep up with them in real time and thereby optimize your customer service.

Own Dashboards

Do you have individual KPIs and numbers you would like to see in the analytics? With custom dashboards, you decide what information to display in the widgets!

Automated Reports

Need you a weekly reporting? Save valuable time – the SocialHub automatically sends you all reports!

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Security and privacy

That's why our software is so secure:

ISO 27001 certified

The SocialHub has implemented special security mechanisms to guarantee the protection of your data as well as the integrity and availability of the SocialHub.

GDPR Compliant

The SocialHub meets the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

Hosting in Germany

100% Made in Germany: German data protection, German-speaking support and a highly secure data center in Augsburg.

Deletion routines

With the SocialHub you are on the safe side and 100% GDPR compliant. Delete personal data or individual user data directly via the software.

Advanced security Features

Use an IP range and email filter to protect yourself against unauthorized access and ensure a login with password policies and two-factor authentication.

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