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SocialHub has got your back and provides you with an effective and secure solution to enhance your social media presence. With its centralized inbox,  user-friendly content planner, and insightful analytics, you can unleash your full potential.

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You can manage the following channels:


Facebook Messenger










Google My Business

Google My Business


Google Play Store

Everything at a glance

Centralized Inbox

Manage all your social media channels effortlessly through one platform. Respond quickly and efficiently to all inquiries.

More time for good Content

Content Planner

Pre-plan and organize your social media posts alone or together with your team. Let the SocialHub publish your Content.

Full Data Power


Gain valuable insights into the performance of your social media channels and adapt your strategy for full success.

Social Media Management KI

The SocialHub AI

Save 50% of your time for
100% more presence

Experience the future of social media management with SocialHub AI! Our AI-driven software automates tasks across multiple features, saving you up to 50% of your precious time. Say hello to a truly supportive digital assistant!

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The SocialHub is at the heart of our work. It seamlessly integrates the entire workflow, encompassing topic planning, content creation, community management, and reporting.

The SocialHub impresses with its helpful & powerful features, is intuitive to use & easy to understand!

Our team is enthusiastic about the SocialHub because it works so quickly and reliably!

SocialHub is market leader!
Among over 800 submitted reviews and 17 rated social media tools.

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