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Social media is cool and we all love cute cat pics and trendy dance videos. But what about the security of your data? Don't worry: we'll take care of it.

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Deletion routines

With the SocialHub you are on the safe side and 100% GDPR compliant. You can delete personal data or individual user data directly via the software.

Approval processes

Prevent yourself of wrong information being posted. Tickets will be displayed as locked during processing, eliminating the possibility of duplicate responses.

Social Listening

Stay up to date and recognize potential crises at an early stage. Monitor social media and track specific keywords to take proactive action.

Additional safety features

Your data security team will love you. Use an IP range and email filter to protect yourself against unauthorized access.

Secure login

There's even more - for a secure login you can also set password guidelines and two-factor authentication.

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Enterprise Features

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“Social Hub is a German company and therefore has a very fast support. It is also GDPR compliant.”
Elisa, MediFox GmbH
Review via OMR Reviews

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SocialHub FAQs

Yes, as a German company, we meet the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

Your data is hosted on German servers and is processed in our data center in Augsburg in compliance with the GDPR and BDSG and on the basis of OPA contracts. We securely encrypt data transmission via SSL and SSH protocols, VPN tunnels and firewalls.

Yes, with definable deletion routines you have full control over all personal data in the SocialHub. Personal data of individual users can be completely deleted on request.

Your data is on German servers and is processed in our data center in Augsburg in accordance with the GDPR and the BDSG and on the basis of OPA contracts.

We are ISO27001 certified. This is one of the highest standards for IT security in Germany. We are constantly working on our security and undergo regular penetration tests to test our infrastructure.

SocialHub Team

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SocialHub Support

Do you still have questions about security, data protection, etc.? We're here for you! The SocialHub support team is always at your disposal!

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