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Discover a digital assistant that truly revolutionizes your workflow. Our AI-powered software automates a range of tasks, enabling you to work with greater efficiency!


The AI continuously learns while you work as usual.


Work faster, more efficiently and save time.


Let AI do the work for you and complete tasks effortlessly.

“With the SocialHub AI, we save valuable time for professional social media teams so that they can concentrate on the really important things. The SocialHub AI learns from the past and gets better and better at supporting your team. This improves the efficiency, satisfaction and ROI of your social media team.”

David Neuhaus
Co-Founder & CEO, SocialHub

Like a stroke of magic

The Smart Inbox - Your digital assistant


The AI automatically assigns positive, neutral or negative sentiments. It recognizes 17 languages and provides you with important data about how your community feels.


The AI suggests categories for your tickets - all you have to do is choose the right one. As a result, you no longer have to wade through the category jungle and can effectively save time.


The AI can perform certain actions, such as liking or hiding, itself. If an answer is required, the AI will suggest it to you. This helps you to react faster to tickets and saves you time and clicks.

Invisible, quick and easy

The Smart Content Planner - your intelligent buddy


At times, we all experience mental blocks. However, with the text inspiration you will never face such obstacles again. Simply provide instructions and receive suggestions to keep your creative flow going.


Hashtags hold significant value, but the process of researching them can be time-consuming. With the help of the AI, you can specify how many hashtags you want in your caption.


Parles-tu français? The Smart Content Planner can suggest you a caption or translate it for you into three different languages. This will easily turn you into a (secret) language genius!

But that's not the end of it!

Future vision

Limitless possibilities

Our developers are currently focusing on the Smart Inbox and the Smart Content Planner. We are currently in the beta test phase with our customers. But that's just the beginning!

The possibilities are limitless. How about an AI that gives you strategic suggestions? Or support you in the creative process of brainstorming? Stay in the loop and follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest feature enhancements and innovations.

Your questions, our answers

SocialHub FAQs

Yes, we are currently in the beta phase of our SocialHub AI, which will support you with community and content management. Interested?

The Smart Inbox takes on recurring tasks such as issuing sentiments or archiving unimportant tickets. It also gives you suggestions for promotions and categories. Don't worry, the SocialHub AI will never answer for you on your behalf. You still save clicks and therefore time.

Yes. You can enter prompts in the Smart Content Planner, which will then write a caption for you or search for suitable hashtags.

SocialHub Team

We got you

SocialHub Support

Do you have questions about the SocialHub AI and its functions? We're here to provide assistance. The SocialHub support team always there for you.

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Content Planner

Supports you in planning and automating the posting of your content.


Unlock the hidden potential hidden within the data from your social media channels.


Better safe than sorry! SocialHub is one of the most secure social media suites in Europe.