We're going green

A green future starts with small steps.

Your SocialHub is becoming CO2 neutral.

Bye bye CO2! We make it possible!

SocialHub becomes climate neutral - A small contribution with big effect!

Indulge in 735,000 cups of latte macchiato? Or embark on a delightful road trip spanning 1,644 km? Just imagine the possibilities with nearly 250 tons of CO2.

However, we have different priorities! At SocialHub we are no coffee monsters and prefer eco-friendly bike tours. Climate neutrality? Checked! Join us and shape a greener future with us!

Together into a greener world

SocialHub offsets a whopping 250 tons of CO2!

For us, it's not just about sustainable work that engages both body and mind – it's also about safeguarding our environment. That's why we've meticulously examined our carbon footprint.

With annual emissions of 105.12 tons of CO2, we have decided to invest in the reforestation of German forests and global sustainability projects with Planted. In this way we offset an impressive 250 tons of CO2.

Our Carbon Footprint in 2022

Scope 1: 0 t CO2
Scope 2: 0 t CO2
Scope 3: 0 t CO2
0 t CO2

Turning the Tide – Offset CO2 in 2022

0 t CO2

We support these projects

Our Climate Protection Projects

Electricity from waste heat

Biomass Electricity

Hydroelectric power

Renaturation of bogs

Energy via wind power

Hydroelectric power

CO2 neutrality in focus

Full Compensation from the very beginning!

Our aim is to offset a greater amount of CO2 emissions than we produce, thereby neutralizing the entire carbon footprint of our company. By the year 2026 we will have accomplished this feat, achieving a complete balance since our establishment in 2013.

The future is green

Discover the sustainable SocialHub

Are you highly conscious of using sustainably developed tools? If so, we invite you to delve deeper into the SocialHub through a brief demo with one of our experts!

Let's go green!

Be a part of our green mission!

As we strive to become a sustainable company, we're dedicated to embracing the topic more each day. Are you eager to join us on this journey and help shape the future of social media management in an environmentally conscious manner? Explore our job openings, as we offer climate-neutral work opportunities.