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Have you already posted something today? Say goodbye to concerns about upcoming postings. With the SocialHub Content Planner, you can effortlessly plan and coordinate your social media content like a pro!

Effectively coordinate and publish content on these platforms with the Content Planner:








Either work alone or with your team to create postings.


Thoughtfully designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use.


Have your content published automatically.

Plan, Post, Rock On!

The Content Planner empowers you to be the standout on social media.

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Explore the innovative functionalities of the Content Planner.

Approval Processes

Minimize risks by ensuring that your content has been checked prior to publication.


Content tags are small but powerful keywords that help categorize posts and match content to campaigns.

Filter options

Filter by channel or post status and get an instant overview of scheduled, approved, and live posts.


Crop pictures, rotate them, give them a cool filter, edit colors and add special highlights with text.

Media library

Easily share images, videos and other files with your team. Create folders to organize your images and videos by topic.

Facebook Ads

Reach your target group despite declining organic reach by also displaying planned content as advertisements.

Email Approval Process

Enhance your flexibility and enable post approvals from non-SocialHub users through the email approval process.

10GB+ Media library

Use the additional storage space of over 10GB in the media library for your files and have them at hand at all times.

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End the chaos

Here are some reasons why you need the SocialHub Content Planner

More content in less time

Effortlessly plan and schedule your posts ahead of time. Duplicate existing content with a single click and easily customize it to your requirements.

Improved productivity

Filter your posts based on platforms, identify gaps in your plan and fill them with relevant content. Schedule your posts and let them be automatically published.

Efficient teamwork

Collaborate with your team to plan and distribute content. Implement approval processes to guarantee that only approved content is published.

Good to Know

Did you know that….

…you can also publish carousel postings, stories & reels with the SocialHub on Instagram?

…you can pre-schedule & manually post TikTok videos via the SocialHub Publisher App?

…you can use the SocialHub to plan & publish ads for Meta?

…you can use the SocialHub to plan & publish pins on Pinterest?

Your content, always at hand

The SocialHub Publisher App for effortless management while on the move

Prepared. Reminded. Share on the go! For some post types direct publications via the SocialHub are not possible.

But don't worry: plan your content in advance and get reminders to publish it manually on the platforms via your smartphone.

Who can benefit from the Content Planner?

Content planner - perfect for you

For content managers

Retain full control over your content and easily plan, organize, and publish it.

For marketing teams

Work seamlessly with your team and achieve efficient results! Shared success has never been so easy!

For agency teams

Impress your customers with smooth and efficient collaboration – they don't need an SocialHub account!

Your questions, our answers

SocialHub FAQs

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest

  • Facebook (Image, Carousel, Videos, Links)
  • Instagram (Image, Carousel, Videos, Reels, Stories)
  • LinkedIn (Image, Slideshow, Videos, Links, Targeting-Posts)
  • Twitter (Image, Carousel, Videos, Links)
  • TikTok (Videos via the SocialHub Publisher App)
  • Pinterest (Pins)

Yes, you can filter by periods (daily, weekly, and monthly view) as well as by channels.

Yes, you can use the editor to adapt the format to suit the respective platform, crop photos and give them that certain something with filters, marking tools or text with just a few clicks.

Yes, you can schedule and publish ads to posts directly from the SocialHub.

Yes, with the approval process, a four-eyes principle can be activated for all content published via the Content Planner.

Yes, you can export the content calendar as a PDF and thus forward it to others.

Yes. With our Enterprise Bumdle, you'll receive an email every time you're tagged in a comment or asked to share content.

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We´re ISO 27001 certified

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FDPA & GDPR compliant

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SocialHub Support

Do you have questions about creating content? A post did not go online? We're here for you! The SocialHub support team is here for you, ready to provide assistance!

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