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In the dynamic world of social media, engagement has become the desired target, making community management a paramount task. Stay on top of the game and respond effortlessly to the multitude of messages, comments and mentions.

Utilize the inbox as a central hub for these platforms:








Google My Business

Google My Business



Google Play Store

Save time

Work more effectively – alone or as a team.


Keep track of and manage all your conversations from one place.


Receive additional information about users and posts.

Like, respond and win over hearts

With the inbox, you become the favored one in your community.

Save time & celebrate your success

Explore the brilliant functionalities of the inbox


Create company-wide contacts to quickly forward tickets to the right contacts.


Determine individually who in your team has permissions for certain areas.


No more duplicating work - be informed when a team member modifies a ticket or crafts a message.

Category Tags

Utilizing tagging enables you to categorize tickets and assess them within the analytics section.

Approval Processes

Reduce Risks - Ensure content is reviewed prior to publication.


People are talking about you on the internet - receive tickets even if you weren't directly tagged in a post.

Sentiment Tracking

Monitor the real-time mood of your community and enhance your customer service.

Post-based Inbox

Gain additional clarity - comments in the post-based inbox are arranged according to their linked posts.

Plus our

Enterprise Features

Plus our

SocialHub Smart Inbox

Smart Rules

Make ticket management a breeze with Smart Rules! Automate repetitive actions and create rules to stay organized.

User Lists

Create lists with specific users, set rules and actions, and automate your workflow by letting the SocialHub respond to requests at lightning speed.

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This is why YOU need the SocialHub Inbox:

A holistic view.

Navigate through the tangle of messages, comments, and mentions.

Boost your efficiency.

Optimize your workflow by applying platform filters, category tagging, and notes.

Smooth teamwork.

Manage inquiries together with your team. Assign tickets to colleagues and work with approval processes.

Good to Know

Did you know that….

…the SocialHub also covers Instagram Story-Mentions?

…you can use the SocialHub to reply to comments on YouTube?

…you can also use the SocialHub to reply to comments from Mastodon?

…you can also answer comments on blog posts in WordPress via the SocialHub?

“All new messages and posts are clearly arranged in the inbox and you no longer run the risk of missing a single message.”

Janina ziegler
Marke Frosch

Who is our software ideal for?

The perfect software for you

For Community Managers

Interact actively with your community by making real-time message edits and driving higher engagement on your channels.

For marketing teams

Manage your social media channels effectively. Respond quickly to inquiries and measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

For customer support teams

Handle customer inquiries, complaints and feedback efficiently and promptly. Set priorities and keep track!

You ask – We answer

SocialHub FAQs

At the moment you can manage comments, messages and mentions from the following platforms via the Inbox:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Mastodon
  • Google Play Store
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Trustpilot
  • WordPress

Yes, thanks to the integrated email forwarding, tickets can also be sent to people who do not have their own access to SocialHub.

Ja, Du kannst eine Reihe an Aktionen über den SocialHub an den Tickets ausführen. Zu diesen zählen unter anderem auch “Verbergen” und “Löschen”.

Yes, with the Enterprise bundle you can assign a sentiment to each ticket and thereby analyze the mood of your community. You can find the results of this tracking in the Analytics section of the SocialHub.

Yes, we are currently in the beta phase of our SocialHub AI, which will support you with community management and caption writing.

Yes, you can also use the SocialHub to create reply templates and make them available to the entire team. If you want to write an answer to a new ticket, you can select a template and insert it. Before sending, this can of course still be edited and individualized to the recipient.

Your security is our priority

We´re ISO 27001 certified

Developed and hosted in Germany

FDPA & GDPR compliant

SocialHub Team

We got you!

SocialHub Support

Are you seeking guidance on ticket processing? Are you experiencing difficulties viewing all the messages in your inbox? Rest assured, we're here to support you! The SocialHub support team is always ready to assist you.

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