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Reap the rewards of your efforts with clear and comprehensive insights, presented in black and white (and vibrant charts). Maximize the value of your social media data with the help of insightful analytics.

Gain insights from diverse platform data:







Simplify KPI monitoring by having all relevant metrics available.


Get immediate insights into what your community loves.


Allows you to make an informed decision.

Reach, community, content

Impress with the full data power!


Instantly see how your social media successes have evolved over time. Widgets e.g. for reach, engagement, best and worst performer will help you.

Content and category tagging

With taggings, you can sort tickets into categories and have them evaluated. Easily recognize connections between campaigns, products, or feedback.


Monitor the effectiveness of your posts: Analyze post metrics, engagement rates, paid and organic reach, link clicks, and other data that are available to you.

Inbox Insights

Find out how many tickets your team processed, how quickly you respond to inquiries and get an overview of the most important information in your inbox.

Fan information

This dashboard provides you with valuable information such as your overall number of fans, growth rate, engagement, and other essential metrics.


Get the upper hand and rank the search results of your monitoring keywords. Use this information and shape your positive image in public!

Sentiment tracking

Seeking insights into the current mood of your community? Employ sentiment tracking to observe it in real-time, empowering you to enhance your customer service optimization.

Custom dashboards

Do you have specific needs for analytics? Custom dashboards allow you to personalize the display of information with neat widgets according to your preferences.

Automated Reports

Would you like a weekly reporting? Save valuable time - the SocialHub automatically sends you all reports!

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Enterprise Dashboards

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Receive data you actually need

That's why you need the SocialHub Analytics

Full transparency

Receive meaningful statistics on your postings and analyze them across networks.

Community power

Gain insights into the content that resonates well with your followers and optimize your community management based on these.

Achieve goals

Refine your social media strategy with valuable insights and gain a comprehensive overview of critical information.

“The SocialHub impresses with its helpful and powerful features, but is intuitive to use and easy to understand! Perfect!”

Phil Schmidt
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For performance managers

Get assistance in managing, optimizing, and generating reports.

For marketing teams

Get valuable insights into the success of your channels to optimize your marketing strategies and targeting.

For authorities

Optimize communication and decision-making as an authority using the valuable insights from the SocialHub.

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SocialHub FAQs

Yes, you can use category tagging to evaluate the feedback on your campaigns.

Yes, with the Enterprise Bundle you can assign a mood to each ticket and thereby analyze the mood of your community. You can find the results of this tracking in the Analytics section of the SocialHub.

Yes, with the Enterprise package you can have various reports emailed to you either daily, weekly or monthly.

Yes, with the Enterprise Bundle you have the option of setting up individual dashboards. You can select a number of available widgets and move them to the location that suits you.

Yes and no. After you have linked your channels to the SocialHub, all data from all postings that are not older than 30 days are received.

Yes, you can export all dashboards as PDF and CSV (Excel).

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Do you have questions about dashboards? Are the numbers real? You can rely on us! The SocialHub support team is here to assist you whenever you need us.

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