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SocialHub offers you an efficient and safe way to improve your social media presence. With the central inbox, the content planner and the meaningful analytics, it is the perfect tool for agencies, authorities and companies of all kinds.

The perfect solution for

Enterprise teams

Are you familiar with this scenario? You receive a specific request that necessitates multiple internal emails before you can provide an answer. Or perhaps the new intern should only have access to the content calendar. Or maybe your team lead insists on receiving a report within the next 10 minutes. Regardless of the situation, the SocialHub is here to provide you with the best support possible.

Helpful features:

  • Approval Processes: Ensure content is reviewed prior to publication.
  • Contacts: Create company-wide contacts to quickly forward tickets to the right contact person.
  • Media Library: Work with external agencies and share images, videos and other files with your team.
  • Permission settings: Set individual permissions for your team and areas in the SocialHub.
  • Exportable analysis reports: Export all reporting dashboards as PDF and CSV (Excel).

Enterprise customers:

Make your customers happy and increase the success of your company. Internal communication can be a challenge, especially in larger companies. The SocialHub offers effective tools for engagement and content planning, with which you can communicate authentically in the digital space.

“The Social Hub has became indispensable in our daily work. All new messages and posts are clearly arranged in the inbox and you no longer run the risk of missing a single message. The user history and the archive function are also extremely valuable, thanks to which we can understand the course of previous conversations and have the right answer ready, even for complex questions. Cheers to the SocialHub! ”

Janina Ziegler
Erdal-Rex GmbH - Marke Frosch

The perfect solution for


As an employee of a government agency, you are faced with a unique challenge: you have to show social media presence, respond to inquiries and messages while ensuring that all information is released by the PR department and data protection regulations are observed. It's a challenging task, isn't it?

The SocialHub not only helps you to keep track of incoming messages, but also comes with numerous other features that support you in your job.

Helpful features:

  • Approval processes: With approval processes you can ensure that content has been checked before publication.
  • Email approval process: Work even more flexibly and allow post approvals by non-SocialHub users.
  • User history: Support you with additional information on posts and individual users.
  • Post-based inbox: In this special inbox, the comments are sorted by the related posts.
  • User lists: Create lists with specific users, set rules and actions and automate your workflow.


As one of the most secure social media suites in Europe, we can ensure the protection of your sensitive data and compliance with the GDPR.

Authority customers:

Police forces, ministries, cities and municipalities are already part of our customer base. Become a part of it!

“The SocialHub is the ideal tool for social media work in our team. Planning, coordinating and moderating content – no problem at all with the hub, even between departments and hierarchies. We are enthusiastic about both the ticket system and the content planner and the citizens benefit from the good accessibility that the SocialHub ensures."

Jasmin Trilling
Stadt Essen

The perfect solution for


As an agency employee, you encounter the unique challenge of managing multiple client projects simultaneously. With the role and permission management of SocialHub, you have the ability to control which content your clients can access. Whether your primary focus is content management, performance management, or community management, SocialHub empowers you to maintain complete control over all aspects.

Helpful features:

  • Email approval process: Work even more flexibly and allow post approvals by non-SocialHub users.
  • Exportable analysis reports: You can also export all dashboards as PDF and CSV (Excel).
  • Media Library: Share images, videos and other files, create folders to sort your images and videos by topic.
  • Permission settings: With user roles you can create different roles and assign them rights.
  • Custom dashboards: Decide which information should be displayed in the analytics!

Agency customers:

Whether you´re an advertising agency, social media agency or marketing agency – you'll impress your customers with the SocialHub.

“Our team is enthusiastic about the SocialHub because it works so quickly and reliably! This makes it easy for us to always keep an eye on all our customers' channels and to react at short notice. Despite the many functions, the tool can be used intuitively and if you have a question, the support is there right away.”

Birthe Ahting
elbdudler agency

The perfect solution for

Small teams

Social media can be a particular challenge for small marketing teams. From community management to content planning, ads and more – often the responsibility for all these tasks lies with you and your colleagues. A digital assistant that helps you with specific tasks like auto-posting or consolidating KPIs into neat widgets can make a big difference. With the SocialHub you get more time for the cool things in your everyday work.

Helpful features:

  • Central inbox: Keep track of all comments, messages and mentions from various channels.
  • Original post view: Support you with additional information on posts and individual users.
  • Monitoring: People are talking about you on the internet – get tickets even if you weren't directly tagged.
  • Editor: Crop images, rotate them, give them a cool filter and set special highlights with texts.
  • Analytics: Crop images, rotate them, give them a cool filter and set special highlights with texts.

Corporate customers:

Social media is also a crucial communication channel for smaller companies to reach potential customers and strengthen the bond with existing customers. With the SocialHub you make a safe choice for professional social media management and can drive your social media strategy forward in a targeted manner.

“As a lecturer in social media marketing and community management, I have to work with a powerful and reliable all-in-one tool and I am happy that I was able to win SocialHub as a partner. The SocialHub impresses with its helpful and powerful features, but is intuitive to use and easy to understand! Perfect!”

Phil Schmidt
karriere tutor GmbH