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Our story

Once upon a time (2009) in a country far far away (Germany), our co-founders David, Oliver and Sebastian set out to start a web agency called maloon to create the most amazing websites ever. 4 years and a lot of beer, sweat and tears later they had built up a team of awesome developers and a portfolio of even better clients.

When more and more of those clients told them about the increasing pain of managing all their social media channels, they started to look at the available social media management tools. What they found was that all were super-complex, slow and riddled with bugs. Worst of all, they had a totally inefficient user-interface. And oh boy, do we Germans hate inefficiency.

So in 2013 they set out to create the world’s simplest (and most efficient) social media management software. Together with hundreds of social media managers and some German engineering magic, they developed something that was even better than they (or their clients) had imagined. The world’s simplest social media management software SocialHub was born.

Since then we continued to make SocialHub better and more powerful every day, resulting in hundreds of happy customers and thousands of even happier social media managers that enjoy their work more thanks to our software. Which is our real mission underneath it all.

We believe work should be fun. And having to deal with slow, complex and bug-ridden tools is definitely not fun. It can totally ruin your day. That’s why we’re so excited to now bring SocialHub to social media managers outside of Germany and brighten their day by making it more fun, simple and (oh yeah) efficient.
The only question is: What are you going to do with all that extra time? And what are you waiting for?

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If you try SocialHub now and don’t like it, we will send you a hand drawn picture of anything you want. Our terrible drawing skills are legendary.
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