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SocialHub Security Solutions safeguard your brand and reputation on social media.

SocialHub Security Cloud

Full access control

Manage access to your content to stay on top of your security. Grant access via one of 7 user roles, from Admin to Observer and more.

Brand monitoring

Protect your brand’s reputation online. Monitor mentions, keywords and customer conversations to prevent a crisis before it begins.

Approval processes

Ensure only the right, on-brand messages are published on your networks with advanced approval processes for content and conversations.

Take full control with enterprise-ready security

Control who sees your content

Collaborate with colleagues and clients while remaining in control of who sees what and keeping certain content private. Apply one of 7 user roles to grant different levels of access dependant on their role in the team.

Protect against attacks

Boost your social media security and protect your account from getting hacked with strict password controls. Apply minimum length, numbers and character requirements to ensure your passwords provide the strongest defense.

Restricted access to your accounts

Feel confident that your brand is safe with access restrictions on your SocialHub account. Restrict access by IP address and domain name so your team can only login into SocialHub from approved locations.
Using the Hub, we can be sure that each request is seen. With the assigning functions, we save a lot of e-mails and phone calls and we never lose track.
Paul Baumann

Team Leader Social Media, Dirk Rossmann GmbH

Stop a crisis before it happens

Monitor to catch a crisis

Feel prepared for any brand-damaging event. Use the Smart Inbox to monitor your accounts. Follow the conversations around your brand with keyword tracking to catch a crisis before it kicks off.

Deal with customer service issues fast

Responding to customers quickly can help you sidestep damage to your brand. Receive monitoring results for conversations and keywords directly in Smart Inbox to handle service requests as they happen.

Get the insights to help your customers

The conversation history instantly shows your past interactions with a customer. Armed with the information you need to reply fast with the best answer, you can turn negative customer experiences into positive ones.
Social Media Security with Team & Permission Management
SocialHub Inbox with blocked ticket

Prevent mistakes that damage your brand and reputation

Always publish the right messages

Set up advanced message approval systems for your posts and responses. Our 4-eyes approval principle ensures that every response is approved before it’s published, so you never send out the wrong message.

Avoid duplicate responses

See who’s working on what to avoid duplicate responses. Messages in Smart Inbox get locked when selected so your team never sends two replies by mistake, ensuring your brand communications stay consistent.

Stay on-brand and compliant

Quickly publish the right, on-brand responses with pre-written templates. Prepare your responses in advance to save time and equip your team to respond with compliant, pre-approved messages ready to go.
The well-structured Inbox with all new postings and comments by users saves us a lot of work. Finally, we don’t have to scroll manually through all posts to keep track who has written something new somewhere.
Katharina Gassner-Kratzer

Community Manager, Media-Saturn Holding GmbH

Social Media Security Software
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