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SocialHub Monitoring finds meaningful conversations and converts prospects into happy customers.

SocialHub Listening Solution

Realtime brand monitoring

Enter brand mentions and keywords into SocialHub to find conversations on Twitter, Instagram, the Web, Blogs and Forums about your business. Get results from all channels, not just your own.

Proactive engagement

Listen to your customers on Twitter and Instagram. Start meaningful conversations and delight fans with fast response to comments and customer service requests.

Track campaign performance

Measure the impact of your online campaigns. Categorize incoming conversations and drill down into data to discover more about what makes your customers tick.

Smarter Social Media & Web Monitoring with SocialHub

Connect with your customers

Monitor keywords, brand mentions and campaign-specific hashtags to discover the conversations on Twitter, Instagram, the Web, Blogs and Forums that matter most. Connect with new potential customers.

Act on monitoring results as a team

Collect your monitoring results in your Smart Inbox. Work in real-time with colleagues and set up streamlined workflows. Assign messages to the right teams and SocialHub users for more efficient processes.

Keep an eye on the competition

7 out of 8 messages to brands go unanswered. These neglected customers are a goldmine, if you know how to find them. Track your rival’s mentions and conversations using SocialHub to stay one step ahead.
SocialHub Social & Web Monitoring
The well-structured Inbox with all new postings and comments by users saves us a lot of work. Finally, we don’t have to scroll manually through all posts to keep track who has written something new somewhere.
Katharina Gassner-Kratzer

Community Manager, Media-Saturn Holding GmbH

SocialHub Inbox Team Member Assignment

Streamline your workflow with one Smart Inbox

Create custom queries

Enter the brand names, topics, keywords or phrases you want to monitor and receive results as they happen. Fine-tune your results with optimizable filters and search controls “and”, “or”, “exclude”.

Assign messages to your team

Quickly publish the most helpful response by assigning messages to the right team and SocialHub users. Instantly see how many messages a user has assigned to them to better divvy out the workload.

Respond directly from SocialHub

Respond, assign, like or forward conversations directly in the Smart Inbox. With all the controls to interact available in one centralized platform, we make it easy for you and your team to take action.

Get the insights to empower your whole business

Use tags to organize your results

Adding tags to messages gives you unlimited flexibility to manage and store your monitoring results. Create your own tag structures and hierarchies to store all of your most important conversations.

Create reports and drill down into the data

See how many messages you received for specific topics. Track their change over time and drill down to analyze actual conversations. Extract data to report findings to marketing, product, sales or HR.

Search through your results

Search through your monitoring results to find conversations specific to topics, categories or customers — no matter how long ago they happened. Dig deep with advanced filters to quickly find what you need.
The constant parallel screening of the numerous Facebook pages that we look after has caused very high expenses and monitoring efforts. The SocialHub helps us to reduce these costs to a minimum. New requests, even from old postings, are pulled into the SocialHub Inbox in chronological order and can be processed there efficiently.
Christoph Kummer

Senior Social Media Consultant, Neteye

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