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Collaborate on content. Provide better service as a team.

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SocialHub’s collaboration tools connect teams to empower them to achieve more

SocialHub Team Collaboration Solution

Manage messages as a team

Smart Inbox puts all your social conversations into one stream, so your team can work together to respond, monitor and analyze your messages.

Collaborate on content

Content Planner makes it easy to collaborate on draft posts and work seamlessly with agency clients. Work as one team in one shared content calendar.

Boost your team’s performance

Analyze your team’s response and see the busiest periods for customer service. Use the data to improve performance and provide better service and content.
Social Smart Inbox

Work together in Smart Inbox

Manage your Inbox as a team

Efficiently manage your conversations with better collaboration tools. Tag messages to assign them to SocialHub teams, see when a colleague is working on a response, and mark messages as done once complete.

Never do double the work

Avoid doing double the work or sending out duplicate replies. In Smart Inbox, messages become locked when selected. You can see in real-time who’s working on what to better know where to focus your time.

Get work in the right hands

Assign messages to SocialHub users to get the right person on the job. See how many messages a user has assigned to divvy out the work. Email content from your Smart Inbox to share insights across your business.
Using SocialHub, our community management has become much more economical and efficient and we never miss another Facebook comment. The SocialHub combines functionality and organization.
Marco Jahn

Social Media Manager, German armed forces

Collaborate on content in Content Planner

Work together in one shared calendar

Equip your team to collaborate on content with one shared calendar for all your profiles. View a full history of who created and edited each post, and control the content a user sees with role-based permissions.

Build better messages as a team

Effortlessly work on draft posts with your team. Create drafts in the Content Planner and fine-tune them in real-time with other SocialHub users. Leave comments, track edits and ask for input from colleagues.

Streamline your approval processes

Cut your message approval times with advanced approval processes. SocialHub’s approval workflows let your publishing team work seamlessly with other content stakeholders like legal teams or agency clients.
Social Media Content Planner
Social Media Team Report

Optimize your team’s performance

Measure your response

See how well your team responds to customers on social media. Get actionable data on your response rate and time. Use the insights you find to optimize for better team collaboration and increased efficiency.

Adapt your service to customers

Use the Peak Times data to see how many conversations you receive each hour. Discover the busiest time of day for customer service requests and adapt your strategy to help your team work more efficiently.

Easily report your findings

Receive data on your team performance in ready-to-share reports you can spread around your business. Extract a CSV of raw data to Excel in one click to delve even deeper or create your own presentations.
So far for the coordination with specialist departments there was a lot of time spent for emails and screenshots. This is now done by the SocialHub automatically at the push of a button. That’s how it should be!
Sigrid Borck

Social Media Manager, Stadtwerke München GmbH

Adapt SocialHub to fit your team

Simplify large team collaboration

SocialHub makes it simple for employees in different teams, locations and countries to work together. Streamline complex workflows with a unified tool for creating content, approving messages and managing responses.

Empower small teams to do more

Help your small social media team to achieve as much as large-scale enterprises. SocialHub equips small teams to publish, manage customer service and drive strategy with a quick-to-learn social media solution.

Work closer with agency clients

Easily manage multiple client projects from one central platform. Collaborate with clients in real-time directly in Content Planner while keeping certain content private with restricted user access permissions.
Social Media Teams Settings
Social Media Collaboration Software
Empower your team to achieve more with social media collaboration