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Sit back and relax. SocialHub Analytics & Insights find all the data for you.

SocialHub Insights

Powerful insights

Measure your social customer service with SocialHub Insights. Analyze your team’s response time to find opportunities to boost performance.

Valuable analytics

Tap into data to assess your social media impact. Track your reach and audience growth, and discover what content resonates with your fans.

1-click reporting

Get the data to drive your social media success right at your fingertips. Save time with 1-click reporting and always stay up-to-date.

Measure your team’s performance

Know your response time

Analyze your team’s response time and rate. Receive reports on how promptly your team replies to social conversations, compare it to past performance and identify opportunities to improve.

Get real data for your business hours

Enter your business hours into SocialHub to avoid inaccurate data. Receive response metrics only for the hours you actively serve customers to truly understand how to optimize your service.

Optimize service for peak times

See how many conversations you receive each hour. Compare data to the past to know how your busy periods change over time. Use the insight to help your team handle the work more efficiently.
On the one hand, SocialHub impresses with its high speed, on the other by providing excellent support and fast feedback to our enquiries. This is what built up great trust at our company. Every employee is enthusiastic about SocialHub and does not want to work without the new tool anymore.
Christiane Osterseher

Head of the Social Media Department, Deutsche Bahn

Discover what content performs best for you

See what engages your audience

Don’t depend on guesswork to know what content will engage your fans. SocialHub’s social media analytics reveals your top performing posts based on engagement, reach and impressions.

Know how far your content spreads

See how many fans saw your conversations and identify the most powerful messages. View the reach of every post across all your networks to gain the insight to create more of the content that works.

Compare paid and organic reach

Quickly get a feel for how your business is growing on social media with data on your social reach. Compared your paid and organic reach to determine the success of your strategy and make informed decisions.

Get the big picture from data

Delve into your conversations

Dig deep into conversations around your brand to identify opportunities. Create categories, segment and tag your content to link conversations to relevant teams, themes, countries or campaigns.

Track success with categories

The Categories Report gives you perspective on what your customers are discussing online. See what’s growing and what’s old news, track the success of your campaigns and identify new opportunities.

Easily report your findings

SocialHub’s social media analytics lets you drive strategy based on real data. Receive your social data in ready-to-share reports you can spread around your business, or extract a CSV of data to create your own.
With the SocialHub we save a lot of time and always have a good overview which comments and posts are new and which have already been answered.
Michael Unterberger

Community & Social Media Manager, MOTOR-TALK GmbH

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