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Key Facts

<div class="custom-circle-item"><div class="circle-box"><p><span>7</span>years</p></div><p>Founded 2009 in Ingolstadt, Germany</p></div>
<div class="custom-circle-item"><div class="circle-box"><p><span>20</span></p></div><p>Employees</p></div>
<div class="custom-circle-item"><div class="circle-box"><p><span>30</span>million</p></div><p>Social messages answered by customers so far</p></div>
<div class="custom-circle-item"><div class="circle-box"><p><span>10</span></p></div><p>Cities</p></div>
<div class="custom-circle-item"><div class="circle-box"><p><span>1,000</span></p></div><p>SocialHub users</p></div>
<div class="custom-circle-item"><div class="circle-box"><p><span>5</span></p></div><p>Countries</p></div>

Our company

Founded by three Germans, SocialHub is on a journey to become the number one solution for managing relationships via social media. We offer a complete Social Relationship Management Solution that empowers organizations to offer the best customer service on social networks. We believe the best products are built with customers, not for them. We partnered with over 100 of our customers to design our initial software and we continue to work closely with them today. Listening to our customers challenges and expectations is our key philosophy of building the best Social Relationship Management Solution.

Our product

SocialHub is a complete solution for social relationship management. Our software enables over 1,000 social media marketers and community managers start better customer conversations, to respond quicker to service requests, never miss a comment across thousands of accounts, and simplify teamwork in even the most complex organizations. We give our clients the analytics and insights to learn from their interactions. With deep data into customer service and content performance, the clients have the power to continually improve their strategy and grow their presence on social media.

Sebastian Paul


Sebastian Paul is a co-founder and CTO of SocialHub. Sebastian studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt, where he met David. Together they founded maloon GmbH, a web agency, in 2009, before shifting focus and launching SocialHub in 2013.

David Neuhaus


David Neuhaus is a co-founder and CEO of SocialHub. After receiving his B.Sc. from the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt, David founded maloon GmbH, a web agency. SocialHub grew out of a project at maloon. Together with Sebastian and Oliver, David founded SocialHub in 2013.

Oliver Karstedt

VP Sales

Oliver Karstedt is a co-founder and VP of Sales at SocialHub. Oliver received a copywriting qualification while studying in Hamburg before joining maloon Gmbh as an account manager. At SocialHub, Oliver manages sales and customer success.

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