Our customers have the floor:

On the one hand, SocialHub impresses with its high speed, on the other by providing excellent support and fast feedback to our enquiries. This is what built up great trust at our company. Every employee is enthusiastic about SocialHub and does not want to work without the new tool anymore.

Christiane Osterseher

Head of the Social Media Department, Deutsche Bahn

Using the Hub, we can be sure that each request is seen. With the assigning functions, we save a lot of e-mails and phone calls and we never lose track.

Paul Baumann

Team Leader Social Media, Dirk Rossmann GmbH

The well-structured Inbox with all new postings and comments by users saves us a lot of work. Finally, we don’t have to scroll manually through all posts to keep track who has written something new somewhere.

Katharina Gassner-Kratzer

Community Manager, Media-Saturn Holding GmbH

The SocialHub has saved us today. We had a large disturbance in the entire Cologne transport services net. Without the Hub we would have completely lost track of the felt thousands of questions.

Anke Eismann-Erpenbeck

Strategic Marketing & Social Media, Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG

The SocialHub is intuitive and very easy to use. Above all, it allows us to not forget or overlook requests anymore – this increases our service quality.

Michael Rösner

Acting Head of Social Media Europe, Kaspersky Labs GmbH

By using SocialHub, our community management has become a lot more economic and efficient and we don’t miss any comment on Facebook any more. The SocialHub unites functionality and organization.

Marco Jahn

Social Media Manager, German armed forces

With the SocialHub we save a lot of time and always have a good overview which comments and posts are new and which have already been answered.

Michael Unterberger

Community & Social Media Manager, MOTOR-TALK GmbH

The SocialHub has made my job much easier because I can work on all new fan posts and comments in a structured manner. Suddenly I have again the chance to drive forward my own ideas.

Pamela Unterberger

Community Manager, BBDO

The constant parallel screening of the numerous Facebook pages that we look after has caused very high expenses and monitoring efforts. The SocialHub helps us to reduce these costs to a minimum. New requests, even from old postings, are pulled into the SocialHub Inbox in chronological order and can be processed there efficiently.

Christoph Kummer

Senior Social Media Consultant, Neteye

So far for the coordination with specialist departments there was a lot of time spent for emails and screenshots. This is now done by the SocialHub automatically at the push of a button. That’s how it should be!

Sigrid Borck

Social Media Manager, Stadtwerke München GmbH

The SocialHub has everything that you need for a good community management and nothing is redundant, as it is the case with so many other tools.

Especially the tool’s speed is worth mentioning: Within a very short time new posts from Facebook appear, which also allows for a timely response.

You will immediately realize the increasing efficiency while working on the user posts and the clarity of the dashboard is doing the stressed community manager’s eye a huge favor.

Maloon’s support is extraordinary. Not only is the staff very professional, but they are also very customer oriented and especially very fast at processing requests.

Sonja Greye

Social Media Consultant, Sonja Greye Consulting

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