6 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Facebook Ads


In a world where you can practically see, complete and download anything for free, some people have decided to opt against paying for advertisements. I mean, paying for something when you can market your business or yourself for free seems quite foolish, right? Well… maybe not.  

Sooner rather than later, you will start to realise that organically you might not be getting the results you want or expect. You see, the average social media user is exposed to about 1,500 different types of content every single time they log in.  So, you can probably imagine why your content is struggling to be seen, in the midst of all the clutter.  

The following list contains the main reasons why you should be advertising in social media now. It doesn’t matter if you intend on reaching more people, getting more likes or generating more interactions, in the end it’s all about setting a goal and doing whatever it takes to reach it.

#1 Your Audience is on Facebook

Facebook has 2.23 billion active users (users that have logged in at least once in a 30-day period). By the beginning of 2018, the US was the second country in the world with more active users (210 million). The people you want to target not only have accounts on Facebook, but they spend on average 40 minutes per day on the platform.

#2 Facebook ads are cheap

We can all agree that you won’t get any traction from organic activity and the results you want would not really happen without doing ads.

On the bright side, Facebook ads in general cost a lot less than other marketing channels and you can always limit your spends if your budget is limited. In comparison to other channels, the median Facebook CPC is way lower:

source (https://blog.adstage.io)

Also, if you spend as little as $1 on Facebook per day, you can reach out to an average of 4000 people in a month… people who have never heard of you before and people who would never buy anything you offer unless they know about you first. Who doesn’t have $30 per month?

#3 Facebook ads deliver and can make your business grow like you have always wanted

Investing in social media marketing really pays off. You don’t just have to take my word for it either, just by reading a couple of success stories you’ll get the point..

Home Chef, a US meal-kit company, wanted to test video ads with the goal of increasing website conversions and acquiring new customers. After consultation with a lot of different agencies they run their campaign during Q1 2018 targeting US adults over 25 years old. They tested different types of videos, value propositions and calls to action, and determined which specific content caused people to make a purchase. After only 3 months they were able to increase their website conversion rate by 13% and lower their acquisition costs by 23%.

Another great example is the Canadian eco-conscious clothing retailer Tentree. The brand uses sustainable fabrics and plants 10 trees for every item it sells. In order to reach a wider audience most likely to spend more money on their products (and consequently plant more trees), they used several type of ads including carousel ads and dynamic ads, targeting people interested in socially conscious products, existing customers and lookalike audiences based on its customer list.

As a (quite impressive) result they 3X their return on ad spend and got 50 new accounts with retail chains. Due to their business growth, they created 4 in-house jobs and increased the amounts of trees planted in one month by 280%.

#4 Facebook is a super effective channel to give an extra push to those on-the-edge leads

Who’s a better target than someone who already knows about you and has recently visited your website? With a retargeting strategy you give that audience the “extra push” they need to remember you and your offering or product. This strategy works great because you are re-sending to your website the people that you were not able to convert in the first try.

Think about it as a first date that didn’t go well. You know the person may still be interested in you but the date was not at the right time and external reasons didn’t help for you to make a connection. The retargeting works as a second chance to show your best, especially with those people who simply need that extra nudge to be convinced.

However, let’s be honest here, not every first date has the potential to develop a lasting relationship, just as not every website visitor has the potential to be a customer. So this is the most important trick for re-marketing: custom audiences. By retargeting your website visitors plus using custom audiences as a filter, you are narrowing down the visitors to a much smaller percentage of the big pool of visitors. You can choose for example a certain geographic location or a specific age group, so you end up targeting an audience that already knows you but also that’s most likely to buy.

#5 Facebook Ads compliment your organic strategy

For years, Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business pages in people’s newsfeed making businesses organic reach drop tremendously. Most social media research say that organic reach is on average 2% across all industries, and if you think about it, it’s close to nothing.

So even when you have great content to share, the best offers or the most awesome event, it will not reach your audience organically. By investing on reach, you compliment your organic strategy, specially by paying to boost posts.

Boosted posts give you the perfect opportunity to target audiences who will find your content relevant and are most likely to share, leading to your content becoming visible to more and more users, without you needing to pay for additional ads to reach them.

A great way to do this is to boost posts that have already performed better than your average. This means your content was already valuable for the small percentage of your fanbase who actually got to see it in their newsfeed, so by boosting it, the chances of people within the same audience engaging with it are much higher.

Another awesome way is by promoting your events so more users will see it in their newsfeed and are more likely to attend. If they do so, their friends will see it organically and are even more likely to attend your event because they will trust the fact that a friend is already going.

One important thing though, is that the ads that you run on Facebook are posted and run under your business page, making it critical to take full advantage or your organic presence and maintain a consistent organic strategy.

#6 Facebook makes ads easy to scale and find new audiences

After a lot of trial and error you will eventually find an audience that engages and converts like crazy. So what do you do next?

With the “lookalike audiences” feature, Facebook takes a custom audience and identifies common qualities of the people in it and finds people similar to them, meaning new people that are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

You can create Lookalike audiences by choosing a source custom audience such as an audience created by your pixel data, your mobile app data, a customer’s list or current Facebook fans.

This is a very advanced targeting option that is probably the most effective Facebook targeting to reach your ideal customer because unlike interest-based targeting, you can create your own source audience giving you much more control. As a result you end up with higher-quality audiences that are perfect to target at the top of your sales funnel. For example, you could run top-of-funnel content campaigns to all of the lookalike audiences you build and warm them up as you take them much faster to the bottom of the funnel.

Altogether, Facebook advertising is an incredibly powerful platform with lot of options, endless benefits and in the end it’s the most cost-effective advertising investment any business can make.

Online advertising has become an essential element for every business and it has never been cheaper to build your brand and grow faster than ever.

If you aren’t already advertising on Facebook, what are you waiting for? Your future customers are hanging out there waiting for you.


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Text: Valentina Carvajal-Ibarra
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash