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The easiest way to manage Social Media safely

Over 200 companies and agencies monitor their Facebook and Twitter channels daily with SocialHub

Never miss another comment

It is terribly time-consuming to manually monitor all new comments, timeline posts and private messages on Facebook. The more pages you look after, the higher the risk to miss something. SocialHub puts every new comment conveniently into one single inbox and thus makes sure you never lose track of the dialogue with your fans. Social Media Management finally made easy.

Never miss another service request

In the SocialHub INBOX all new requests land at your social media channels. So your team can see at a glance what is done and what still has to be done by them.

Inspire customers with short response times

Real-time speed and intuitive collaboration features enable your team to perfectly organize and answering new requests in record time.

Recognize potentials and respond early

The SocialHub Insights will not only show you how your team performed but also which topics your customers are interested in, helping you to make the right decisions.

Over 3 million

Service requests have already been answered by our customers using SocialHub